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About Us

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Who We Are

For nearly four decades, Hope + Me has been helping people diagnosed with mood disorders along with their families and friends. Fear and uncertainty surround mood disorders, which is why we believe in the transformative power of peer support.

Our peers and volunteers will listen, empathize, and inspire hope.

Hope + Me believes that talking to someone with a lived experience of a mood disorder proves invaluable to helping others with similar diagnoses to recover and lead a healthy life.

We strive to offer hope by providing the best in Peer Support, clinical programs, and services to people with diagnosed mood disorders.

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What We Do

Being diagnosed with a mood disorder can be overwhelming. It can leave you feeling alone and confused – struggling to determine which step you should take next.

Hope + Me provides free support and recovery programs to people with mood disorders. We offer the best in evidence-based peer support to empower, foster self-care and rekindle hope on your path to recovery.

Getting into an acute-care program can seem uncertain and take a long time. Our mission at Hope + Me is to support you in your time between diagnosis and receiving acute care treatment.

Our Peer Support comes from people like you. They have lived experience with the mental health system whether through treatment or diagnosis or are related to someone who is living with mood and mental health disorders.

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We know that empathy is helping people with mood disorders. At Hope + Me, our volunteers work with the three fundamentals of Peer Support:

  1. Navigating the mental health care system
  2. Recovery and wellness support
  3. Recovery management