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For emergency or crisis assistance, go to your local emergency department or call 911.
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Peer Talk Speakers Bureau

Group of people in therapy

Peer Talk Speakers Bureau meets twice a month and offers opportunities for its members to:

  • Present both impromptu and prepared speeches
  • Learn how to plan and manage meetings
  • Give and receive constructive feedback
  • Participate in a comprehensive, self-paced education program
  • Work with fellow club members in a friendly, supportive, engaging and inspiring environment
  • Gain greater self-confidence by managing a dynamic array of tasks and responsibilities

The Peer Talk Speakers Bureau is proud to partner with Toastmasters International to collaborate, educate, and engage audiences. Through this partnership, our dynamic speakers are able to personalize the realities of living with a mental health issue.

The Peer Talk Speakers Bureau will listen to your questions and carry out a respectful and open dialogue to empower and foster discussions to kick life’s barriers to the curb so that you can find the help you seek.

Along with this, the Peer Talk Speakers Bureau offers online webinars for those who are not able to host a live speaker for their events.

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