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In the Workplace

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The Benefits of Peer Support in the Workplace

Peer Support in the workplace:

  • Contributes to the commitment to your employees’ well-being by raising awareness of associated stigma and self-stigma.
  • Becomes a culture where everyone is more open to learning more about how to reach out and converse with people who may be struggling with a mental illness.

Mental health issues in the workplace can go easily undetected and untreated, so it’s important for employees to assess how they feel and think while at work.

Hope + Me offers a variety of fee-based, customized workplace education programs that address your workplace’s unique environment.


Shifting Perceptions

Our Shifting Perceptions program is a half-day session that uses interactive group work to problem-solve case scenarios tailored to a specific work environment. This program is ideal for managers, staff, and co-workers to develop recommendations on how employees coping with mental health can safely reach out for support.


Mind Matters: Achieving a Mentally Healthy Workplace

This program uses a hybrid mode of instruction – both in-person and multimedia. Our panel of industry experts uses their insights, factual information, and a collaborative group discussion to examine how an organization can take initiative to create a healthy work environment and implement those practices. We find that management and Human Resources professionals benefit most from this program.


Seeing the Unseen

This program consists of a one-hour presentation that explores the ‘invisible disability’ of mental illness. Our experts blend factual information, open discussion, and footage of medical experts and individuals, to look at the signs and symptoms of common mood disorders.

This program helps employees to identify signs and symptoms of mental health issues and helps them seek treatment. It also benefits managers and leaders to provide support for employees who struggle with challenges in the workplace.


Educating and Empowering to Improve Mental Health

This 45-minute presentation looks at the benefits of early intervention, illness mitigation, and enhanced productivity. The presentation offers both guidance and practical methods for employees to self-assess and become better educated about themselves. The session also educates leadership on how to create a more conducive environment for productivity with a more engaged workforce.


Mental Illness in the Workplace
– A Go-to Guide for Managers

This is a 30-minute presentation designed to help managers in the workplace learn more about mental illnesses and the signs and symptoms they should be aware of in their employees. We also examine the roles and responsibilities in managing an employee who may be experiencing mental illness.