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Gianluca’s Paint with
Someone Who’s Been There

Art has a transformative power that can imbue you with empowerment and hope while lowering stress levels. We invite you to discover the healing power of art through our unique program Paint With Someone Who’s Been There. You’ll learn how to use conventional media while you meet and share with other students to develop yourself and your skill–creatively and personally!

This eight-week program enables your skill as an artist both to express yourself in a supportive environment and to help you cope with your mental health issues.


In Memoriam: Gianluca Primucci

1987 – 2021

Paint with Someone Who’s Been There is inspired by Gianluca Primucci–a mental health advocate and a skilled artist.

Gianluca designed arts programs at Hope + Me that enabled participants to build self-esteem, connect with peers in a safe and judgement-free environment, and hone their unique artistic style and expression.

With his empathetic approach to teaching and quirky sense of humour, Gianluca led his students to develop and express their inner artist.

When asked about his work at Hope + Me, Gianluca said, “Creating art helps me cope by reminding me about what I strive to attain, which is peace and stability. Through my art education, I have come to learn that art should offer the viewer more than meets the eye. It allows people to return to the artwork and see something new or to gain a different interpretation each time.”

Hope + Me carries on Gianluca’s legacy by using art’s transformative power to change lives.


It doesn’t matter if you have command over paint or you’re a novice, our Paint With Someone Who’s Been There program is open to everyone! We have art materials ready for pickup.

Are you ready to enroll in this program that will transform your mental health and artistic skills? We will teach you new ways to use conventional mediums while helping you garner a sense of belonging where you will connect and share with other students to grow, creatively and personally.

Please know that only limited seats are available. So keep visiting this page for updates on our upcoming program.

Register with Us!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a skilled painter or novice – Paint With Someone Who’s Been There is open to everyone! Art materials are provided!

Please note: only limited spaces are available. Keep visiting this page for updates on our upcoming program – and look for our announcements on e-mail and social media!