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Peer Support Training and Apprenticeship

Group of people in therapy

What is peer support?

Peer support is the compassionate relationship between people who have lived experience of a mood disorder and people who are struggling with one.

At Hope + Me, we offer:

  • Free one-on-one peer support sessions
  • Peer Support through our T.I.P.S. Warm Line
  • Peer Support drop-in groups for individuals and families affected by mood disorders

Our peer supporters are trained volunteers who understand how their own lived experience with a mood disorder can provide positive emotional support to others.


What does peer support
training involve?

Our training provides you with a robust theoretical background in mental health peer support, substantiated by practical skills.

It consists of 5 training modules spread across 4 full or 8 half days. We will train on the following topics:

  • The background and foundation of peer support
  • Values of peer support
  • Boundaries and limits
  • Group peer support,
  • Toolkit of practical skills and techniques.