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For emergency or crisis assistance, go to your local emergency department or call 911.
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Pathways to Care

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Talk to Someone Who’s Been There

Hope + Me’s Pathways to Care offers support for people and their families who are struggling with mood disorders. All our programs are evidence-based and meet the highest standards to ensure effectiveness.

We champion the lived experience! This is reflected in all our programs. Through the lived experience you can find recovery and healing.

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Your Journey with Us

Do you feel that your mental health issues are taking over your life like a dark cloud? Don’t fret as our virtual front door chart will guide you on your journey to recovery.

The Hope + Me virtual front door takes you to…

Program Navigation Community Navigation Counseling Support Services Peer Support Services Peer Support Training And Apprenticeship Peer Ontario Learning And Recovery Institute Speakers Bureau, Peer Talk, Youth Talk Community Outreach Changing Minds With Youth Intake The Warm Line